Kincora is a 424-acre walkable, mixed-use community in the heart of Loudoun County that provides unparalleled integration of nature in an urban setting. Located on the west side of Route 28 south of Route 7, Kincora’s master plan provides for millions of square feet of Class A office and retail space, hotels, a dedicated cultural and science center, and 1,400 apartments and condominiums. Kincora’s 160-acre riverside park, with over 3 miles of trails, will allow residents and visitors alike to conveniently explore and experience nature from every corner of the community. In the most significant, upfront commitment ever made in Loudoun County, Kincora has enabled an unprecedented investment of $154 million in regional transportation and public infrastructure. To watch this unique community take shape and keep up-to-date on all the latest Kincora news, visit

Norton Scott’s expertise in creative financing enabled front-end construction of $76 million in proffered regional roads through a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership with the Virginia Transportation Infrastructure Bank and Loudoun County.


Kincora Site Plan

Kincora Fire Station


OSS Museum Kincora